What about ChatGPT?

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What about ChatGPT? What is it? How can I use it?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has caused a stir among academic and professional communities. Here’s a roundup of some recent news and views on this killer AI app.

arXiv announces new policy on ChatGPT and similar tools

arXiv Blog
The release of ChatGPT has raised serious questions among the research community. For example, “Can ChatGPT be named an author of a research paper?”

Artificial Intelligence Potential in Higher Education Institutions Enhanced Learning Environment in Romania and Serbia

Academics in these two regions think that colleges must focus on developing digital and cross-disciplinary skills in response to new technological possibilities to realize the potential of AI in education.

How ChatGPT Is Redefining Human Expertise: Or How To Be Smart When AI Is Smarter Than You.

Technology has always pushed humans to upgrade themselves, AI is no exception.

ChatGPT listed as author on research papers: many scientists disapprove

At least four articles credit the AI tool as a co-author, as publishers scramble to regulate its use. Many researchers are not happy.

AI cannot be credited as authors in papers, top academic journals rule

The Register
Researchers consider the AI tool as plagiarism engine and that work generated from it is unoriginal.

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