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New Open Access Journal: New Emirates Medical Journal (NEMJ)

Bentham Science is to launch an Open Access journal, New Emirates Medical Journal (NEMJ) in early 2020. NEMJ is an online only, fully open access journal that will publish original research, clinical reports, case studies, short research communications, reviews, book reviews, correspondence, and editorials. The first issue of the journal, by Bentham Science, will be available online at the beginning of 2020.

Dr. Abdullah Shehab is the Editor-in-Chief of NEMJ, and also serves as the General Secretary of the Emirates Cardiac Society.

New Emirates Medical Journal (NEMJ) formally known as Emirates Medical Journal (EMJ), is an official journal of the Emirates Medical Association (EMA), UAE. An exclusive platform “Student Forum”, is provided for aspiring medical students and post-graduate students, to encourage student submissions in all the medical specialties, including pre-clinical, para-clinical, and clinical subjects, medical education, clinical management and various aspects of medicine and public health.

Each peer-reviewed article published in the New Emirates Medical Journal is universally and freely accessible via the Internet in an easily readable and printable PDF format.

For more information about the journal, please visit:

Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets, is now the official Journal of Italian Medical Endocrinology Association

Bentham Science Publishers is pleased to announce that the journal Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets (EMIDDT) is now the official journal of Associazione Medici Endocrinologi (AME), / Italian Medical Endocrinology Association. The Editor in Chief of the journal is Prof. Emilio Jirillo (University of Bari, Italy). Bentham Science Publishers wishes both the EMIDDT editorial board and AME society members a successful collaboration.

Associazione Medici Endocrinologi (AME) is a professional society born from the need to bring together those who work daily in the field of clinical endocrinology in Italy. AME promotes initiatives aimed at a constant growth of endocrinology as a discipline by improving medical guidelines, organizing meetings, developing cognitive tools for healthcare professionals and facilitating the publication of relevant research. Learn more about AME here.

Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets (EMIDDT) is a journal devoted to experimental and clinical studies in the field of endocrine, metabolic, and immune disorders. Specific emphasis is placed on full-length / mini reviews and original research articles about humoral and cellular targets for natural, synthetic, and genetically engineered drugs that enhance or impair endocrine, metabolic, and immune parameters and functions. The journal is now in its 20th volume and has an impact factor ranking of 1.104. Find out more about the journal here.

Current Medicinal Chemistry Editor-In-Chief Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman Awarded 'International Science and Technology Cooperation Award' of China

Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS was recently awarded the 'China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award', by NOSTA (National Office for Science & Technology Awards) for the year 2020. The award was presented to Prof. Rahman at the Great People’s Hall in Beijing. Prof. Rahman was acknowledged for his numerous contributions in the field of chemistry and collaborations with China in scientific projects relevant to organic chemistry, agriculture, pharmacology, virology, and other disciplines. He is the founding and current Editor-in-Chief for its high impact journal, Current Medicinal Chemistry. This top international award has previously been given to several leading scientists of the world including the Nobel Laureates, Dr. Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Prize in physics, 1984) and Dr. Zhores I. Alferov (Nobel Prize in physics, 2000). He is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fellow of Royal Society (London).

Call for Papers: Material Science and Toxicology

Submission are now open for two new journals; Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials and Prevention. To learn more about these journals and how to submit your manuscripts, visit the journal websites.

Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials: An international journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed, high quality, original papers in the field of Materials science. The following article types are published: original research articles, reviews, thematic issues, editorials, letters, and conference reports.
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Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention: Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners, to share innovative research and engineering practices that prevent nano-toxicity.
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